BIYS Grip Socks

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Size: Universal Size (38-44 EU / 6-10 US / 5-10 UK)
Color: White
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All Socks Are NOT The Same
Meet The First “High-Performance” Sock

Designed to massively increase your grip, enhance your comfort, improve your speed, and provide the ultimate platform for peak performance.


Even in a friendly game of touch football, the normal friction caused by (ordinary) loose socks can easily rip open your skin and cause painful blisters that last for weeks or months. And let’s face it: kicking off your shoes to relax at the end of a long, hard day is much harder when your feet already hurt.
For the first time in history, a sock has been designed to achieve peak performance.

You Expect Sports Engineering From Your Shoes…
Why Shouldn’t Your Socks Be Competitive?

With an arrow-grip made from sticky nylon fibers and a heel area that clings like Velcro, the Grip sock has the staying power to hold and support your foot inside any type of shoe.
We’ve added firm elastic that hugs the arch, ankle and toes of each foot, and holds well enough to improve circulation and prevent leg fatigue as well.
Ultimately, this sock helps to keep your feet balanced, aligned, and gripped tight to your shoes, automatically correcting small problems in your leg turnout, gait, and posture throughout the day.
In other words, this is a comfortable, small change that can make an enormous difference in your life on and off the field – forever.

Features of Product

  • Increases Your Foot's Grip For Your Shoes/Boots
  • Guards Against Friction
  • Soft And Comfortable Compression Grip
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable fabrics
  • Made for any sport

Why Use This Sock?

  • It improves your performance and confidence.
  • Made for the player who wants to stay in flow.
  • Allows you to show off your skills as an athlete—without worrying about blisters.
  • Say goodbye to smelly stinky feet that you'd rather keep covered up.
  • Keeps your feet from slipping with superior traction, like an ant on an ice rink.

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